Give Hope

We believe, through God’s Word and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, that there is hope for you regardless of your current situation. We desire to be an expression and example of hope.

Give Help

We believe that God has chosen to accomplish much of His work today through community, the church. We desire to be an encouragement to you and to equip you to experience victory .

Give Honor

We believe that our sole purpose is to honor God through our life, labor, and our lips. We want to provide you with opportunities to serve God and others and bring joy to your heart and to God’s.

From The Blog

The word impression has been defined as “a stamp made by pressure.” It has also been defined as “the effect which objects produce on the mind.” I firmly believe that these two definitions need to be combined to give us a true…
Once a destination has been chosen, certain precautions must be observed, certain boundaries must be established, and certain vulnerabilities must be avoided if we are going to continue in the proper direction. But, in a world that…
The Christian life is not a passive life; it’s a passionate, progressive, and persistent pursuit of Jesus Christ. It is the fruit of an intense desire not just to know who Jesus is, but to become what He designed you to be. God desires for you to….





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